Celeste Bocchicchio-Chaudhri

Born in Kent, OH

Lives & works in Boston, MA



Art from unbound books, unbounded by restrictions.

Art Unbound began when I started to contemplate the fate off all the old, outdated books, the damaged books, the donated-but-unwanted books that libraries get rid off every year. Today's library really doesn't need an atlas that is 20 years out of date, or a children's dictionary of saints from the 1960s (unless it is an archive), but simply recycling such objects seemed like a wasted opportunity. I began thinking about what kind of art could be made from the pages, covers, and illustrations of old books. The "unbound" in that sense comes literally from unbinding books. 

But Art Unbound is also art that refuses to be bound to one medium, approach, or style. It is art that toes the porous borders between art and craft. I pick up a new creative hobby every month or so, and inevitably I feel guilty as an old passion gives way to the new. I have gone through periods of knitting, spinning, sewing, millinery, drawing, painting, writing, trying to teach myself to play the guitar, making puppets, paper mache, and who knows what I will get up to next. Art Unbound refuses to be bound by that guilt and gives me permission to jump from one form of creation to another, to combine techniques and materials that are not typically combined

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